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Beauty-innovation “made in Germany”


Good news for the German economy. This time the newest beauty-sensation is not made in the USA but in Germany. The treatment has been developed by a medium-sized German company. All products that are being used are produced and developed in Germany.

The SkinCoach® treatment

SkinCoach® helps mature skin to unwrinkle itself

The SkinCoach® concept has been developed by experts in their best years. Their goal: To create a treatment that combines wellness with highly natural and gentle methods and substances to show a long-lasting and immediate lifting-effect. After a long developmental period the concept has now been presented to professional beauticians all over the world. The results are incredible and the concept will now be introduced in more than 20 countries all over the world at once.

An immediate, visible and long-lasting effect.

In fact, the new SkinCoach® treatment differs from what we have seen before in many ways.

Immediately after the first treatment the skin has visibly changed in appearance structure.

You just feel great! And the best:

The SkinCoach® concept combines a visible effect with an especially pleasent and comfortable treatment. That way the regular appointments at your SkinCoach® beautician’s studio become a relaxing and pleasent experience.

600 times magnification of the nasolabial fold before and after the 1. treatment Subject 57 years
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