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Enjoy the feeling of your first glance into the mirror!

To only touch and feel your skin has probably enthused and intrigued you. Often you will be somewhat sleepy after the treatment, and you will then dare to take the first look into the mirror. You’ll see something that might seem unbelievable to most. The skin has become fine-pored, lines and wrinkles have vanished, or at least you feel and see that they have been reduced immensely. And all that after a “wellness-treatment”.

We get to see them all the time, SkinCoach® customers that stare at their own face in amazement. Often lips have gotten bigger and hanging eyebrows have lifted again.

600 times magnification of the nasolabial fold before and after the 1. treatment Subject 57 years

This woman was treated during the Cosmoprof Hong Kong and only one half of her face is done
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