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Time for your part – the SkinCoach® home care

The first step of the “reconstruction” has been accomplished successfully.
And you will experience that your skin will strengthen even more over the next few hours. This effect can be explained by the fact that the big Hyaluron-molecules store more water and the cells start to fill up with nutrients.

You can show the “solidarity contribution” for your skin at home as a so-called “do it yourself – treatment”. With the SkinCoach® care products and the right usage you will be able to care for your skin as best as possible. The handling will naturally be explained and shown to you by your personal SkinCoach®.

There are four pillars of the SkinCoach® Home Care:

  • SkinCoach® Hyaluron Nutrition Complex to supply your skin from the inside

  • SkinCoach® Hyaluron Spray

  • SkinCoach® Hyaluron Concentrate

  • SkinCoach® 24 Hour Cream

The SkinCoach® Home Care
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