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Anusan GmbH - The company behind SkinCoach

The company was founded in December of 1993 by Margot and Claus Ritzer. Ever since, we concentrate very successfully on producing, manufacturing and merchandising natural-inartificial and exclusive dietary supplements.

Highest product - quality is a matter of course to us

Anusan is an owner-managed company and distributes food supplements, predominantly to cosmetic instituts.
When producing our products we pay particular attention to using natural commodities and methods that are close to nature. Naturally we forego any kind of animal experiments.

Our products are being produced in Germany and we already have foreign distributors in Austria and Hungary whose customers are very satisfied by our dietary supplements. Origin and quality of our commodities are subject to very strict supervisions and they are tested frequently. Most of our capsules are made out of cellulose and they are free of gluten, lactose, antidegradants, dye as well as emulisifiers.

We have advertising and very detailed information material to all of our products in different forms and types.

We have no direct distribution. Our distribution partners are intensively trained professionals.

Specialization and intensive Know-How

Natural scietifically provable knowledge of the active ingredients, intensive and trainings that are free of charge for our partners combined with the highest quality standards have helped to firmly establish Anusan in the market of food supplements in cosmetic institutes.

With the years passing, the range of products has been adapted to the market requirements and may now be subdivided into the following areas:

Food supplements:

  • For a healthy immune system

  • For a balanced menopause

  • To support integral cosmetic and body treatments

  • To support a healthy heart and the circulatory sytem

  • For healthy joints, eyes

  • For disacidification

  • As a support for diets

  • And for many extra applications

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