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SkinCoach® - the long-lasting Anti-Aging treatment

Now there is a photo to answer the frequently asked question of the “durability” of a SkinCoach® treatment!
Mrs. Petersen, our SkinCoach® – Representative on the Isle of Sylt, recently took a photo from one of her customers several weeks after the treatment.

Here you will find the photo

This photo shows, that the result of the SkinCoach® treatment not only is persisting over several weeks but it continues for weeks and even months to follow.
It also particularly shows, that continuing care with our Home Care Products – which will be explained carefully by the beautician – the skin perceptible and visibly changes in appearance and structure.

Many thanks to Mrs. Petersen for providing the image on her website.
If you also have pictures of your customers and/or your “before and after” results: mail or send it via post!
We always look forward to your contributions and your impressive results.

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